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Our Business Investment Trade services for the UK have specifically developed for Indian Businesses looking doing business, investment or trade with the UK for the first time and also to assist existing Indian business in UK and Europe with managing and expanding their UK business interests. That said, we also service a number of local UK businesses as well, who have been extremely appreciative of our unique approach and innovative services.

Our services are client centric and have been developed based on extensive client feedback and input. We value each and every client of ours and invest time in understanding their business and its requirements. United Kingdom, offers a very dynamic environment for businesses and will be undergoing a number of changes due to “Brexit”. Whether you want to set up a new business, manage an existing one or grow it, we are here to provide you as much or as little support as you require.

  • Your Gateway to UK
  • On the ground support in India and the UK
  • Can service clients all across UK and Europe with meeting facilities in almost every major city in India, the UK and Europe
  • UK - your gateway to expanding your business globally

Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory is a very integral part of our core offering. Having working with Indian Business in the UK and Europe as well as British and global businesses, our Corporate Advisory Team, can provide bespoke and full fledged corporate services to help with all aspects of managing your business and company. Our team of experienced professionals and lawyers, with the unique combination of regulatory knowledge and business expertise, have got it all covered, whether you want to set up a new business, manage your existing business or grow it.

Having worked with business across the globe in the sphere for nearly a decade, our services have been developed to help Indian Businesses in the UK to navigate the regulatory hurdles whilst pursuing their commercial aspirations.

Our M&A Specialist Advisory team, is a part of our corporate offering, with a special focus on cross border M&A work.

We can also help you with winding up and disposals/sales, restructuring of your business and also plan exits. Give us a call and we will be happy to talk to you.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Takeovers
  • Restructuring
  • Corporate Finance
  • Management Buy Outs
  • Startup Advisory and support
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • General Corporate Advisory

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Corporate governance is an area which is constantly evolving in the UK, India and across the globe and compliance is a key requirement for long term commercial success.

Our bespoke corporate governance services are tailored to help you manage your business in complete compliance to the regulatory requirements. Whether you are start-up, a family owned enterprise, an SME or a multinational business, University or a charitable organisations, we have got it all covered. Please feel free to speak to us to know more.

Our Governance and Compliance ready reckoners make it easy for your business to stay on top on all the Corporate Governance and compliance requirements, be it maintaining the statutory books, running board meetings and/or shareholder meetings, filing regulatory forms, etc in complete compliance with the regulatory requirements.

  • Corporate Governance (Basic)
  • Corporate Governance (Plus)
  • Corporate Governance (Bespoke)
  • Our corporate governance packages start from £200/month, so do pick up the phone and speak to us if you want to know more.

Commercial Services

UK’s commercial landscape is multifaceted and complex and of course constantly changing. With Brexit, Businesses need to be prepared to face the regulatory changes that may affect their businesses.

Our team of experts can advise your businesses on all forms of corporate and commercial arrangements, be it straight forward incorporations or complex mergers and acquisitions, or tricky joint ventures or multifaceted commercial arrangements, across varied sectors, our team of experts will help you navigate all challenges of running or growing your business. We can help you with a broad range of employment advice and agreements and can also advice on managing your Intellectual property rights. Be it internal contracts or external commercial agreements, with us your side, you do not have to worry about the cultural differences, local practices and regulatory requirements. We will take care of it all.

We have clients across the spectrum across various sectors, including but not limited to Infrastructure, Education, Engineering, Automobile, Aerospace, Defence, Leisure, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Information Technology and the food industry.

  • Joint Ventures
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Master Service Agreements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Trans-border Collaboration
  • Information Technology Agreements
  • Supply chain and logistics Contracts
  • Franchise Advice
  • Licensing
  • Technology Transfer agreements

Specialist Transactions and Deal Advisory Team

Our specialist transaction team has worked on multimillion pound deals in India and the UK and Europe, for instance we have worked on M&A upto £100M, large international tenders and transactional work £415Million, Joint ventures upto £50Million, over the past 10 years.

Transaction and Deal Advisory has always been one of the specialist offering of our firm and having worked with small niche transactions and complex large deals, we have developed a unique operating model to assist clients in securing the best deal possible and of course quickly.

Our services, initially designed for Indian and European Businesses in mind, have proved popular not only Indian Businesses in the UK but also with businesses across the globe. Our Specialist Transactions and Deal Advisory Team works with you as your in-house lawyers, providing you with as much or as little support as your require. We can handle the entire transaction or assist you with specific aspects of the transaction, depending your requirements.

Business Support Services – Business 360 UK

Business 360 UK – One stop shop for all your Business requirements

The legal landscape in the UK is multifaceted, complex and evolving. Having worked with Businesses over the past 10 years, our Business 360 Service, has been designed to provide you with as much or as little support you need while doing business with India.

We take great pride in our business acumen and knowledge gained over several years of working with our clients and their businesses and hence we believe in working with you, and for working for you. Our team of experts can act as sounding board for your day today business decisions or complex projects.

We understand the support a business needs, be it a start up or an established multinational business. We can take care of all the minutes, resolutions, meeting notices, etc, all the company secretarial requirements, corporate regulatory requirements so that you can focus more important things. Hence we have specifically developed a broad range of services for our clients and their business including:

  • Company Secretarial services
  • Registered Office
  • Director services
  • Payroll management services
  • Call us to know more

  • Non-executive director services
  • Project management
  • Transaction advisory and management
  • Accounting and book keeping

Tax Advisory and accounting

We have a team of experts, who are well versed with both local and international tax. We also have experts who can help you with your business accounts, monthly, quarterly and annual management accounts. Our specific expertise is multi-jurisdictional tax, particularly double taxation treaties, with a special focus on India and UK.

  • Withholding tax issues in India
  • The new GST tax regime in India and compliances
  • Double Taxation avoidance agreements and bilateral tax treaties
  • Structuring investments, businesses and trade
  • Research and Development credits

Transaction Support Services

With our complete knowledge of the entire lifecycle of commercial transactions, particularly M&A, we have developed our unique transaction support services offering to offer you support on a transaction, as much or as little as you need. We can work with you on the entire transaction, or help with certain aspects of the transaction, such as audits, legal and financial due diligence, etc. With a team of lawyers in India and the UK we are uniquely placed to offer a top notch support at competitive costs. Whether you are acquiring a Business, forging new partnerships or service providers (i.e. Law firms or Transaction advisors), we can provide bespoke support for all your transactional requirements. You are most welcome to give us a call if you want further details.

  • Due Diligence
  • Heads of terms/ Memorandum of Understanding
  • Jurisdiction Specific dispute resolution clauses
  • Transaction management
  • Negotiation

Education Focus Group

Education, is one of special focus sectors, which we have developed after having worked with some of best Universities in India, the UK and the USA. We continue to work with Universities and Colleges in India and the UK. Whether you are looking at TNE opportunities, commercial agreements, commercialising spin-outs, international collaborations, particularly in India and UK, our team of experts are perfectly placed to help you swiftly transform your interest into commercial ideas and provide you with the legal and business support you require.

India, has been on the agenda for further education and higher education institutions for quite some time now. With the unique knowledge of the regulatory landscape in India and also the sector, we can work with you to tap into one of the fastest growing education sector’s in the world.

Specialist Sports team

We love sports and having worked with some of the leading cricketers, footballers and leagues across the world, we understand the intricacies of sports contracts be it league contracts or endorsements with or in India, we can help you navigate the complex landscape, negotiate the best deal and structure it whilst addressing local tax and legal requirements, of course mindful of your best interests.

Jumpstart UK

Jumpstart UK is a unique offering targeted at individuals or businesses looking at setting up in the UK. The offering is designed specifically for new businesses or startups in the UK and tailored to provide instant support at competitive fees for startups to quickly transform ideas into businesses :

  • 1 hour of probono advisory services
  • Advising on structuring your business in the UK
  • Setting up your Business in the UK
  • Registered office
  • Quick commercial documentation – both internal (i.e. employment and consultancy contracts, external contracts)
  • IPR management advice
  • Tax and Accounting support
  • Value added pro-bono services such as connecting you with other Business Organisations, Investment agencies, recruitment agencies, strategic partners etc.