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About Us

India Business Hub Limited was founded by Viplavi Mahendra, an India qualified lawyer, with the experience of having worked with some of the top law firms in India and UK.

India Business Hub has a unique and innovative operating model. IBH has been set up with a two fold objective, firstly to assist and support Indian businesses with their European business interests and seccondly working with European businesses on their commercial and business interests in India. However, now we are working with clients all across the globe helping them translate their business interests into commercial success in India and Europe.

How we work with you

With expert regulatory knowledge of several jurisdictions, we are uniquely positioned to assist on cross border transactions, which is our core expertise.

With offices in India and the UK, we currently offer full fledged corporate and commercial services in India and UK. We have a comprehensive strategic and trusted network of law firms, corporate finance partners and tax advisors across Europe,USA and Singapore which can be leveraged for your commercial and business interests in these jurisdictions.

We work with clients across the globe with their UK and Indian business interests.

We offer as much or as little support as you need, with innovative operating models ranging from local deal counsel to transaction management. Our team of lawyers will work with you as your In-House Legal Team, understanding your business and your commercial interests to deliver exactly what you require.