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Our Business Investment Trade services for India have been specifically developed for British and European businesses either looking at India for the first time for business, investment or trade and also businesses who already have a presence in India and are looking to manage, expand or grow their business in India.

Our services are client centric and have been developed based on extensive client feedback and input.

India being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, offers vast opportunities for business across the globe. With a population of over 1Billion and federal form of government, India has a multifaceted regulatory environment, which often overwhelms, new businesses. Our services have been developed so as to offer businesses a quick, smooth and efficient transition into India and also assist locally with all the on-ground support required. Whether it is setting up a business or managing an existing business, we can provide as much or as little support as you require.

We have serviced clients across the spectrum across various sectors, including but not limited to Infrastructure, Education, Engineering, Automobile, Aerospace, Defence, Leisure, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Information Technology and the food industry

  • Your Key to doing Business in India
  • Your Gateway to India from UK
  • UK based India Advisors available to you at UK Business hours
  • On the ground support in India
  • All India related advice delivered from UK
  • Can service clients all across UK and Europe with meeting facilities in almost every major city in India, UK and Europe

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Corporate governance is an area which is constantly evolving in the UK, India and across the globe and compliance is a key requirement for long term commercial success.

Our bespoke corporate governance services are tailored to help you manage your business in complete compliance to the regulatory requirements. Whether you are start-up, a family owned enterprise, an SME or a multinational business, University or a charitable organisations, we have got it all covered. Please feel free to speak to us to know more.

Our Governance and Compliance ready reckoners make it easy for your business to stay on top on all the Corporate Governance and compliance requirements, be it maintaining the statutory books, running board meetings and/or shareholder meetings, filing regulatory forms, etc in complete compliance with the regulatory requirements. We can also provide structured governance advice to the management.

Our corporate governance packages start from £200/month, so do pick up the phone and speak to us if you want to know more.